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Sterling By Music Man At Guitars On Main

Sterling By Music Man At Guitars On Main

Guitars On Main welcomes Sterling by Music Man Guitars to our showroom.

The latest guitar brand to enter our showroom is Sterling by Music Man.
Designed in collaboration with Ernie Ball Music Man's award-winning engineering team, their instruments go through a process of rigorous inspections ensuring a high quality set up and playing experience right out of the box.

Sterling by Music Man is an affordable alternative to the higher end Ernie Ball Music Man guitars which can set you back several thousand dollars. These import versions range from $199.99 to $949.99, making the Sterling brand within reach of the average musician.

The John Petrucci Signature Collection is now available in the Sterling Line. The MAJ100 Majesty being at the top of the line is visually stunning and designed for high performance.

Other notable designs in the Sterling collection are the legendary StingRay Bass and the Albert Lee model guitars. The StingRay has been around for decades and has landed in the hands of many high profile artists.

Albert Lee with his incredible hybrid-picking skills is blazing trails in the world of country guitar playing. He is indeed an awe-inspiring musician deserving of his name in the line of Music Man guitars.

Guitars On Main is proud to have this new collection of guitars in our showroom giving our customers more quality choices to suit their needs and demands. What model from the Sterling Music Man guitar company would you like to see in our showroom? Please comment below. :)


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